CTA Red Line service resumes after train stuck between tracks near Granville

October 1, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The CTA originally referred to the incident as a derailment, but is now calling it a "split switch issue." Half of the eight-car train got switched over another rack. The rest stayed straight.

"I felt a bump and stuff then we looked out the window and the train was going off the track," Debra Burns, passenger, said.

"It flew right off the track going forward, and then it backed up and just cleared up," Richard Holston, passenger said.

About 100 passengers were on the train. No serious injuries are reported, but one person was taken to the hospital to be checked out, according to the CTA.

"Immediately the fire alarm office dispatched a response with an EMS plan 1 with anticipation of a lot of injuries, which we didn't have," Mark Nielsen, Chicago Fire Department, said.

The passengers were moved into the four cars that stayed upright and taken to the Loyola Red Line stop. Then they boarded buses.

"I was late for work and it was a little inconvenient. But, I understand it happens," Rachael Mignin, passenger, said.

CTA officials cut power in both directions and service was suspended from Belmont to Howard while crews worked to right the train. They were able to push the train back into place and move it out of the way while the tracks were checked for damage.

Service was slowly restored stop to stop in the hours after the incident, but delays continued Monday afternoon. The CTA also recommended passengers take the bus, with these routes as good alternates: 22, 36, 147, 151 and 155.

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