Hand-painted 'Frames by Devora' available for sale

October 7, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Frames by Devora was started two years ago by 26-year-old Devora Fisher and her mo, Shelia.

" We're very community-based, and she waves her hands up and down like this and loves music. And initially, I taped canvas with painter tape and she would paint pictures, and one day we came across a canvas frame at Walmart," Shelia said. "And she painted it, and we had it out at a sidewalk sale, and 10 people would have bought it. So, I decided that we were going to do picture frames."

Devora was born missing the bridge between both halves of her brain.

"She has a seizure disorder. She has central sleep apnea and a lot of other medical problems," Shelia said.

Each frame is painted in acrylic by hand using mittens that have various textures sewn on them.

Devora also donates some of the profit from her frames to different organizations.

"Because again, the message gets out when someone gets a frame that was done by Devora and to recognize those abled in their own way and the potential that we don't look at to see that can be found," said Shelia.

Urban Pooch Canine Life Center sells frames by Devora. Dan Gaughan is the owner.

" l met Shelia and Devora through our good friend, Karen Haas, at Chase bank. We learned that Devora, her way of communicating, her intense love for these dogs, and the different messages she wants to put out there, is through painting these frames, and we wanted to have these frames. And Devora is part of our retail operation," Dan said. "They're doing well."

"These frames have meaning. This is our way also at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center giving back to the community and she's just a wonderful story, a wonderful message,as is Shelia," said Dan.

"The most important thing is when somebody comes back, reaches out, doesn't talk to me, talks to her and you see her laughing and cracking up, that's what matters," Shelia said.

Frames by Devora was also showcased the Merchandise Mart's one of a kind show. She will be at several upcoming holiday fairs. To learn more go to www.framesbydevora.com and www.urbanpooch.com

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