Intelligence Report: Manifesto of Oklahoma church plot suspect

October 7, 2012

Gregory Arthur Weiler II, 23, from Elk Grove Village, Illinois is being held without bond after authorities in Oklahoma say they found at least 50 homemade bombs and a hit list of local churches in the town of Miami.

Weiler's Facebook page includes a new photo of himself that was posted as he set off from Chicago on a road trip to blow up dozens of churches, authorities say.

In a lengthy public proclamation on the social media site, Weiler states:

"About a week ago, as I sit in a hotel room, it hits me like a ton of bricks......though I know I am no one special, nor am I someone of great reputation or report, nor do I demand attention for it is not due to me - I myself am worthy of nothing - I am still a living, and breathing human being. And every human being is entitled to the ability to speak that which is upon their heart, and is entitled to free will.The United States was founded officially in 1776 on the premise that we were to leave behind the very group of people whom oppressed us so greatly - the Imperial Catholic Church."

The suspect writes at length about his grade school experiences as a Catholic school student. In one lengthy chapter of the on-line manifesto, he describes being a victim of a Catholic school bully who had physically attacked him.

Weiler describes his own "anger issues" while in Catholic schools and says "he went to Church youth group" only to meet women.

In what would seem to lay out a motive for the church attack plot alleged by Oklahoma prosecutors, Weiler at one point in his manifesto describes how religion was shoved "down the throat" of black slaves in the US.

"That is not okay, and one of our forefather's would not stand for such a thing. However, Abraham Lincoln himself was also somewhat taken captive by this, for he used a bible as well" he writes.

"I am here to propose a new way. I am here to honor Abraham Lincoln for his contributions to our country for believing in something previously unthought of - freedom for all people. I am not here to honor his use of the bible - I am here to honor his actions and words that came from his own mind....that being freedom for all. He was assasinated (sic)."

The suburban Chicago man eventually turns his attention to righting the world's wrongs by "doing AWAY with old belief systems that have taken us and all of our ancestors captive. These belief systems have even bled into other religions and movies and books and and music and architectures and structures and even memorials. I came last year in order to purify this nation of this enemy - church buildings were destroyed, and even some secular buildings."

It isn't clear whether the reference to coming "last year" means that Weiler had been in Oklahoma at an earlier time-or that he actually "destroyed" church buildings as the rambling manifesto suggests.

What appear to be the latest post is a link to the album Hysteria by Def Leppard, the British heavy metal band. The chorus of the title song is: "Can't stop this feelin'. Can't stop this fire."

The ending to the manifesto is especially chilling, considering that police say they found 50 Molotov cocktails ready to be deployed.

"I have not opened a bible in a while, and I haven't stepped foot into a church building in quite some time - and though I may be very lonely right now, I am hoping that someone, and maybe someday in the future, someone will take notice."

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