Kentucky State QB Martez James, arrested before Soldier Field game, also accused of pit bull abuse

October 9, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Double trouble for Kentucky State University quarterback Martez James: Not only is he accused of criminal conduct involving a woman in Chicago; now he is charged with abusing a pit bull in Kentucky.

At the time James was arrested by Chicago police for groping a hotel maid, he was already facing charges of animal abuse near the KSU campus in Frankfort, Kentucky, where he is still a student athlete.

The 22-year-old Kentucky State quarterback is due in Cook County court next month to face charges that he grabbed a housekeeper at the Hyatt McCormick Place after following her into a sixth floor guest room.

Police say the attack happened just hours before James was to start at Soldier Field in the annual Chicago Classic fundraiser.

What Kentucky State officials didn't reveal at the time was that their starting quarterback had been charged a week earlier, according to court records from Frankfort, with cruelty to animals. He is accused of keeping a pit bull without proper food, water and shelter.

The dog was found at James's apartment near the KSU campus.

A pit bull named "Godiva," that authorities say was being mistreated by Kentucky State's star football player, is still in the custody of the Humane Society. Once the criminal trial is finished, they hope to place the dog in better conditions.

Over the past few years, Humane Society officials have partnered with law enforcement agencies across the country to bust abusive kennels, including many that housed dogs used for illegal fighting contests.

The nation's most notorious dog fighting criminal was pro football star Michael Vick, who pleaded guilty to federal felony charges in 2007 and did 21 months in prison.

Kentucky authorities have not said whether James's pit bull was being raised for fighting, but starvation is the most common method of preparing dogs for the ring.

Attempts to reach Martez James since his Chicago arrest have been unsuccessful.

The Detroit native has apparently returned to college and is still on the football team at Kentucky State, although he hasn't played in the past two games. University officials have said he is still a student-athlete in good standing.

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