Janesville residents root for hometown Ryan in debate

October 11, 2012 (JANESVILLE, Wis.)

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Ryan lives just one block from his boyhood home.

Janesville Republicans are intense as they watched Ryan, but those who know him best say he performed under pressure.

"I can just tell, i know him so well, that he's at peace," said Tobin Ryan, the Republican vice presidential nominee's brother. "He has an inner confidence. He and Mitt have better ideas."

And they're proud of Ryan's performance against the vice president.

"He's winning this debate, by far," said Janesville resident Zachary Adams.

The packed-house at a local hotel includes Ryan's relatives, neighbors, and friends.

"It's not a performance with Paul," said Pam Stevens. "It's who he is, he's being himself."

Across town, Democrats gather at a union hall. They know Ryan, but root for Biden.

"I think it's absolutely a strong command performance," said Wisconsin Democratic Party State Chairman Mike Tate.

The fight for them is not about a hometown politician. It's about issues and they have their own star.

"You can see right on that screen the division," said CSI-NY actor and Obama supporter Hill Harper. "It's about moving it forward. VP Biden is about telling the truth and he's telling it like it is."

"Do you want to live in an America where we help each other out? Or do you want to live in an America where we say you pay for me, and I'm not paying for you," said Janesville resident Roger Merry. "And that's the difference between the two parties."

After the debate was over, Tobin Ryan thanked the crowd for all of their support throughout the campaign.

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