'Rooftop pastor' back at Chicago church after cross-country walk

October 14, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Corey Brooks, pastor of the New Beginnings Church, walked coast-to-coast over the summer to raise money for a community center to help end violence.

Brooks spent months walking from New York to Los Angeles with the goal of raising $15 million for his organization, Project Hood.

Although Brooks is now back in Chicago, his job is not over yet. He was scheduled to return to the pulpit Sunday to continue spreading his message.

During the most recent winter, Brooks spent 94 days on top of a roof of an abandoned motel to raise money to tear it down. He succeeded.

He then hit the road by foot in June for the more-than-3,000-mile journey to raise awareness about violence in Chicago and to raise money to build a community center in his own neighborhood.

Although Brooks only raised half a million dollars, he's not giving up.

"We have some great commitments that's gonna push that up well over $500,000 dollars," he said. "I know those commitments are going to come through, and when they do we'll announce them and make sure everyone knows. But I promise you, this next year that we're coming up into, we're gonna make sure that we raise all this money."

The pastor celebrated his return home at a morning service at New Beginnings Church in the 6600-block of South King Drive.

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