Englewood parents take to stage for community

October 27, 2012 (CHICAGO)

"A lot of social service entities, we tell parents what they need versus listening to parents about what they need," said Kisha Powe. "And in the play, they parents are saying we know we need resources. This is what we know we have available to us, but this is what we need."

These parents are having their say about what matters most to them. They are presenting a play at the Lindblom Math & Science High School this weekend with a theme that rises above tragedy and highlights the triumphs. They hope the audience leaves with a clear message.

"I want them to see what really goes on in Englewood for the ones that don't know," said organizer Patricia Robinson. "There are positive people here and if you just look around you'll see yourself."

Theresa Jones wrote the play. She says it is a chance to show that parents in Englewood have the same hopes and dreams as anyone else, even if they sometimes lack the resources to fulfill them.

"Englewood gets a bad rap for violence, for gangs, for drugs so on and so forth and my idea was to show them that we're more than just that," Jones said.

You can catch the play Sunday at 3pm at Lindblom High School. Tickets are only $10 at the door.

For more information: www.childrenshomeandaid.org

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