Deerfields Bakery customers vote with their taste buds

November 6, 2012 (DEERFIELD, Ill.)

At Deerfields Bakery in, of course, Deerfield, the presidential election is in the hands of cookie lovers. Each cookie purchased is a vote for either President Barack Obama, and that's not easy in this Republican stronghold. Or for Mitt Romney, who according to some polls is on the upswing, on a cookie high.

"We have Obama cookies, Romney cookies," said Deerfields Bakery co-owner Acki Schmitt. "We have Biden cookies and we have Ryan cookies. And Donkeys and elephants."

They're sugar cookies with edible rice paper photos on top. One cookie, one vote.

"The total is 496 cookies sold, 288 Romney, 208 Obama," said Schmitt. "(Romney) does have a lead, but ... Obama's sold more today."

So at Deerfields, Romney has an 80 cookie lead, but the president is on the rise and within a few calories margin of error.

Does the Romney cookie have more dough?

"It may have a little bit more dough," Schmitt said.

They have a very good record here on predicting presidents.

"George W. And John Kerry, we had more George W. Cookies sold," said Schmitt. "And then in 2008 we had more Obama cookies sold, and right now it's a really, really tight race between the two."

Obama and Biden, closing the cookie gap in the race for the White Frosting House.

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