Judge orders psychological evaluation for Elzbieta Plackowska

November 13, 2012

The gruesome double murder of two children stunned the Naperville community in October.

Olivia Dworakowski and Justin Plackowska were found stabbed to death in a Naperville home. Elzbieta Plackowska is accused of the killings.

The crime prompted local media outlets to request to videotape the court proceedings, a first for the Chicago area.

The judge says this is uncharted territory but is inclined to allow the arraignment next week at the DuPage County Courthouse to be videotaped. The judge and the attorneys raised no objection to the request.

After her arrest, Plackowska said she was trying to drive the devil out of the children and other similar statements, prosecutors said.

She later told police she was actually angry at her husband, leading her to stab the kids, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors expect she will try to use the insanity defense at her trial and they have asked for a psychological evaluation as soon as possible.

Citing an expert, State's Attorney Robert Berlin said that the closer to the time of the incident, the easier it is for the examiner to determine what was going on in the defendant's mind at the time of the crime.

Defense attorney Mike Mara objected saying he has yet to see the evidence and has not determined whether they will use insanity as a defense. The judge agreed with prosecutors and will allow the psychological evaluation.

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