Ald. Sandi Jackson misses Chicago City Council 2013 budget meeting

November 15, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Jackson missed Thursday's budget vote and that triggered more political pressure on her and her husband.

At Congressman Jackson's home in Washington Thursday night, there was no sign of him or his wife. There was no comment from the congressman, alderman, Rev. Jackson, or the congressman's brother, Jonathan. The media savvy Jackson family was silent.

"If somebody was grading this, they would get an F. Because everything that could have been done wrong, has been done wrong," said Delmarie Cobb, political consultant.

Cobb, who was Congressman Jackson's media director in the 1995 special election, says the way the Jacksons have handled this family crisis with constituents and the public is mind-boggling. She says this is about the Jackson name.

"It's the brand. If it's tarnished, they all have to...they all will pay for it," said Cobb.

The congressman and the alderman are reportedly under investigation for mis-using campaign funds. One allegation is they bought furniture for their Washington home. The bi-polar congressman left Minnesota's Mayo Clinic Tuesday.

On Thursday, there was more pressure for him to speak publicly.

"I do think it's essential that the Congressman, who's been out for a while, begin his conversation with his constituents about his intentions," said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Meanwhile, Alderman Jackson was the only no-show for Thursday's vote on Chicago's 2013 budget.

"I hope the constituents say enough is enough, but at some point we all have to look at what's happening," said Alderman Robert Fioretti, 2nd Ward

"I don't know what her reasons were for not showing up so I don't want to beat upon her just yet. But I'm sure she'll have an explanation for us," said Alderman Carrie Austin, 34th Ward.

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