Wacker/Jackson intersection reopens after construction

November 15, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Jackson between Canal and Franklin also reopened.

"What we wanted to do was move sequentially and then open things as it become available just to minimize the disruption to people," said Woods.

Jackson and other Wacker Drive intersections are close to Union and Ogilvie train stations.

Cab driver Sylvester McClure said he is likely to pick up an extra three or four fares a day now that Jackson has re-opened. In addition, McClure said Wacker Drive closures cost his customers more money.

"It was more inconvenient for the customers because it added maybe a buck or $2 to the normal fare," said McClure.

There are many relieved pedestrians who spent months dealing with the closures as they navigated their way to the train stations or to lunch.

"It was really inconvenient for because one of my favorite restaurants was a Korean restaurant and I had to walk literally 15 minutes that used to take five minutes," said Ray Tran, pedestrian.

"We had this maze over here for most of the summer and it usually got pretty crowded. So it's nice that it open," said Greg Gard, pedestrian.

However, the free-flowing traffic is an adjustment for many pedestrians who became used to walking in the middle of close streets.

"It was great that we didn't have to worry about cars coming at us, cabs especially," said Vickie Posluszny, pedestrian.

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