Officer fires shot at fleeing suspects

November 18, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Three suspects were leaving the American Apparel store on Walton when one of the officers who was on foot in the area responded to a robbery in progress call.

The officer saw the men walking out of the store and heading toward what appeared to be a getaway car. He ordered them to stop, however they ignored those orders and got into the car.

The driver of the car then sped up in the direction of the officer, who responded by firing a shot, which a police union spokesperson said may have indeed saved him from serious injury because the driver was forced to turn away.

"It's not something that happens routinely especially in that area of town," said Pat Camden. "It's pretty well patrolled, but at the same time you've got a young, aggressive officer out there doing what he's supposed to be doing, investigating a possible theft."

"Chicago police officers are out there," said Rachel Franklin. "There's a lot of them, the city's working on it, so hopefully everything will be okay. It's a very safe neighborhood normally."

No one was injured, neither the officer nor the suspects. Police are still working on a description of the suspects, as well as the getaway car.

It is unclear what the suspects may have gotten when they were leaving the store.

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