Holiday hazards: 10 dangers to pets

November 20, 2012

Dr. Alexis Newman from BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Elk Grove Village shares the top 10 hazards that pet owners should be aware of over the holidays:

10) Table scraps: Mother was right; don't feed the dog under the table.

9) Candy: There are a number of things about candy that are bad for pets, but among the worst is the wrapper.

8) Decorative injuries: The decorations you set up around the house may look great, but they could be a source of injury for your pets.

7) Tasty decorations: Some decorations are so pretty that they look good enough to eat.

6) Flowers and plants: Many times we put out new plants, flowers or trimmings, depending on the holiday, and these can be poisonous and deadly.

5) Sugar-free snacks: Xylitol is a common artificial sweetener in baked goods and sugar-free gum and candy. It's also poisonous for dogs.

4) Chocolate: Chocolate is a big part of many holiday celebrations, but not for pets.

3) Guests: Many pets can become downright panicked when faced with a lot of new visitors.

2) Candles: A lit candle can provide a real hazard.

1) Pets as presents: The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) advises against giving pets as presents, because the recipient doesn't have the opportunity to have an active role in selecting the animal.

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