Toxic toy list issued as holiday shopping begins

November 20, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The list, which is 30 pages long, includes toys to watch out for like water balls that may be mistaken for candy and if ingested expand 200 percent; toy pieces or small batteries that could pose choking hazards; and little magnetic balls -- if more than one is ingested the magnetic pull in the intestines can cause fatal complications.

"We are drowning in a sea of advice and how can you be most practical with this information overload. And I think it's really difficult for parents," said Dr. Elizabeth Powell, Lurie Children's Hospital, Emergency Room.

To help parents and gift givers navigate the sea of safety info, it's getting easier to get the info you need when you need it.

At, you can search for safety warnings on toys and childrens' products from you smartphone. And at consumers can search for recalls while they shop.

"I can be on the go and just look on line. So I think it's nice," said Idalia Trujillo, shopper.

Jill Marcus is the mother of three boys under seven. She says anything to help keep her kids safe and save time is a win-win.

"It makes things much more efficient because then I'm at the store. I don't have to go home and think i want to do research so it may save me another trip to the store," said Marcus.

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