Cyber Monday Security Tips for Safe Online Shopping

November 26, 2012

Irvine is also a member of the National Cyber Security Task Force.


-Do not connect to free Wi-Fi spot. Every day, but especially during the holidays, cyber thieves will be trolling free Wi-Fi spots for opportunities to attack.
-Do not store data online such as credit card information and addresses-checkout as a guest.
-Use third party applications like PayPal as that are secure.
-Only use one credit card for online shopping, so if a breach occurs, you only have one card to cancel.
-Use name-brand websites, even if deals are better on unknown retailer website-they could be scams.
-Be wary of emails/text messages asking for your information-even if they appear to be from a trusted source, any messages asking for your personal info are likely phishing or smishing scams.

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