Andrea Parsons Case: Arrest after girl, 10, missing since 1993

Novmeber 30, 2012 (PORT SALERNO, Fla.)

It's July of 1993; flyers go out, featuring a little girl's face. Ten-year-old Andrea Parsons was missing and feared abducted.

She was last seen buying candy at a grocery store near her home. Nineteen years later, it's been turned into a shopping plaza.

Despite an all-out search, Andrea's body was never found.

But on Thursday afternoon, Sheriff Bob Crowder announced they got the man they believe abducted, sexually assaulted and killed Andrea.

"The person arrested is Chester Duane Price," Crowder said. "A 42-year-old convicted felon who was familiar with the victim."

Price has always been a person of interest. He knew the victim.

"Yeah I'm sure that was him."

Neighbors say they had suspected him.

"We always thought they'd never get him," one said.

"We just figured they'd never get whoever it was, so we're happy," another said.

The sheriff's office says they got a break in the case last year, which shifted their focus to Price.

For a while, they were sure Claude Davis was the killer. He lived across the street from Andrea.

"I don't know where the girl is, I never did know where she was," Davis said.

Davis has never been charged, but police now say he and Price were friends in 1993 and that the case isn't over.

"But we still have to get a conviction and in court. We possibly have some other arrests that may follow. And we certainly want to recover the body," Crowder said.

Andrea was last seen at 6 p.m. near Commerce and Seward Avenues in Port Salerno, Florida. Andrea was wearing blue jean shorts, a dark-colored shirt and clear plastic sandals.

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