Christening dresses made from wedding gowns

November 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Instead of waiting to pass down a dress to a daughter, some women are turning their gowns into christening gowns and communion dresses.

"A wedding gown is such a beautiful traditional item. It has flavor. It has a family and a story. I thought that people would really like to have that trust go another step and intertwine it with another story for a baby or young girl," Becky Frontera, Becca Designs, said.

Once-beaming brides who are now proud moms are bringing Frontera their gowns to pass the tradition along sooner than originally planned. The Orland Park designer listens to the family's vision and then they all determine how to make it work, using as much of the original garment as possible.

"I thought the sleeves could be the belt and it turned out. So I de-constructed the dress, took the sleeves off, added some material to the back and the sleeves just folded beautifully because they were lace. Each dress is different," Frontera said.

Frontera says it's not just the new moms getting in on this ultimate upcycle. Grandmothers are even requesting that parts of their gowns -- their veils, for example -- be worked into the new design for the little one's garment. Giving it all a sense of freshness, forged with family heritage.

"You can see your dress in another light and they are usually ready for the family to collaborate. Think about it and how can we make this a tradition for the family," Frontera said.

The prices vary for the re-design depending on how just elaborate you want to get with your new keepsake.

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