Dos & Don'ts of Proposing

Wedding and Proposal Expert Melissa Phillips, owner of Simply Perfect Events,offers a few tips to those who are planning on getting down on one knee.

The "Dos" to a marriage proposal:

1. What's the Plan, Stan: Develop a thought out plan ahead of time complete with a timing scheme, reservations, and a back-up in case some wrenches get thrown in plan A.

2. Size Matters: Get her ring size before getting the ring! Having a ring that fits from the moment it is slipped on shows extra thought went into the grand plan.

3. Precious Moments: Make this once in a lifetime moment, a story worth telling! Incorporate your hobbies, interests, a special place or moment you shared.

4. Creativity Counts: Catch her off guard and tuck the ring in a unique package to make the presentation special.

5. Document It: Make sure it is well documented by a photographer or videographer. These can later be used incorporated into your wedding stationery items (i.e Save the Dates) or your wedding website.

The "Don'ts" to a marriage proposal:

1. Quit Trying: Sometimes when you try too hard, it sets you up for disaster! You know what your limits are and stay within those when choosing your question approach.

2. Don't be Someone Else: Keep the proposal true to who you are. If she is not one for heights, do not take her to the tallest skyscraper in the city to pop the question. If she is not one for attention, a public place with everyone watching is probably not the best situation. Keep her comfort level in mind as you devise your plan.

3. Don't be the Town Crier: Tell only those that must know to make it happen. Telling too many people inevitably leads to a leak and may ruin the surprise.

4. Don't Catch Her Before Her Coffee: Early morning proposals when she is most likely not looking her best should be avoided. Pictures inevitably follow (or happen at the moment), and she does not want to have her bed head documented on such a memorable occasion.

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