Beyonce Pepsi deal worth $50 million

December 11, 2012

They are probably two of the most popular "brands" going these days - one, in pop music, the other in, well, soda pop. Pepsi and Beyonce are teaming up for a new partnership. The deal is thought to be worth 50 million dollars.

There are few details - but the Pepsi website says the pairing will form what the soda-maker calls "one of the most innovative global partnerships ever seen - or heard."

The deal with Beyonce is the latest in Pepsi's "Live For Now" campaign that already features acts like Nicki Minaj and One Direction. Pepsi says the Beyonce deal will be rolled out on February 3 - when Beyonce performs at halftime of the Super Bowl.

As part of the deal, the superstar will collaborate with designers on all advertising materials, including cans and bottles that feature her image. She'll also star in a global TV commercial campaign scheduled to launch next year.

Pepsi says it's eager to pioneer new ways to market both its brand and Beyonce's talents.

Beyonce attended the Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat basketball game with husband Jay-Z Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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