Man does random acts of kindess for strangers

December 11, 2012

That's because Garcia vowed to spend each day of the year doing nice things for complete strangers.

It's the final days of a New Year's resolution to do 366 random acts of kindness for 2012.

On Tuesday, it was free candy canes and a holiday wish for anyone passing by Daley Plaza.

Passersby said it made their day lighter to know there are people like Garcia doing good for others.

"It's been the most incredible year of my life. It's something that ... I've been emotional at times. I've been sad, happy, crazy but in all it's just been incredible," said Garcia.

Garcia has never missed a day doing something nice.

"It's just been amazing how many people are open to kindness and how many opportunities there are for kindness in our world," said Garcia.

Garcia even posed as a homeless man on a street corner to experience how it feels. Then, he donated money to a homeless man who was sitting nearby.

When ABC7's Frank Mathie met Garcia for the first time in January, he was just beginning his long mission. On that day, he was in front of Macy's, handing out free hugs.

"I've learned there are so many chances and opportunities for people to be kind to one another. And there are so many people in need of kindness and help. If everyone just did one thing for somebody else I think the world around us would change," said Garcia.

Garcia, 31, is a sales rep, husband and father who has had more than 10,000 hits on his personal blog, At 10 cents a hit, that's over $1,000 he has donated to charity.

You can read about every one of Garcia's adventures on his blog. It's an amazing story of how hard he has worked, just to be the ultimate nice guy.

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