ITeam: Crackdown in K-Town, known for open-market drug sales

December 12, 2012 (CHICAGO)

In June, the ITeam showed how easy it was to put drugs on the street- any time of the day or night.

One K-Town resident who said he had enough of the crime in the area secretly started making his own videos of the drug deals.

Former CTA repairman David Muhammad was stunned at the scenes he captured on camera- of drug deals taking place openly near the section of Chicago just north of the Eisenhower Expressway.

ITeam reporter Chuck Goudie asked Muhammad if he had taken his videos to police.

"No, I haven't because I've called so many times about the problem and that's why I went public... I don't understand why I can see all of this stuff and they [police] can't," said Muhammad at the time.

He showed the videos to police soon after- and narcotics detectives along with 11th district officers began a sixth month investigation using their own camera.

On Wednesday, police thanked Muhammad.

"This investigation was initiated by the bravery of a citizen who came forward to confront drug dealers in front of his house who said that is not accepted here. He took detailed video from his residence, which then was put on You Tube and it came to our attention. We did the investigation based on the fact that he came forward and confronted these guys and we are going to support him," said Commander Jim O'Grady, Chicago Police Narcotics Division. "He gets a lot of credit for this investigation... Thank you to that gentleman and the narcotics division and undercover officers."

Police say all 28 targets of the K-Town investigation are in custody and being held in Cook County Jail on drug charges.

"We made over 34 undercover purchases of narcotics, made some rips which are covert seizures of narcotics. Basically when the drug dealers went to put the drugs down we covertly seized those drugs and we videotaped the results," O'Grady said.

A Chicago police officer was among those videotaped last may by Muhammed in an apparent street transaction. That officer has been relieved of his duties without pay, and is being terminated by the department.

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