Quinn releases second pension crisis video

December 13, 2012

A previous video was panned by many critics.

The pretend "focus group" made up of Illinois children was staged in the governor's Chicago office. The adult actor is heard explaining the complicated Illinois pension dilemma to mostly disinterested kids.

The youngsters are featured as ultimately the ones with the most to lose as the states $5 billion annual pension obligation continues to grow.

Some critics called the governor's first pension reform video oversimplified, even "juvenile" because it featured the cartoon snake Squeezy to illustrate that rising pension payments make it impossible for the state to pay its other bills.

Whether the campaign's characters generate ridicule or praise does not concern the governor's office. Its goal is to get people talking about pension reform by whatever means possible.

The new video points out that this year Illinois government spent over seven times more on the average state worker's pension than it spent per child on education.

The governor who gave the commencement address at Chicago State University said that ratio is unacceptable.

"The pension funds are squeezing out our education money and that's not good for our children," Quinn said.

The governor's video campaign is aimed at educating taxpayers so they will pressure state lawmakers to resolve the pension crisis no later than the first week of January.

Another video featuring the kids goes online Friday.

Watch video here: ThisIsMyIllinois.com

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