Haiti sisters close to getting new home

December 24, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The girls have been living in an orphanage and did not want to be split up.

A suburban family is now in the process of adopting the girls.

It all began with a blog. For years, Janelle and Wayne Hockett had been trying to adopt a child, but an online entry calling for a special family caught their eyes. Three sisters orphaned by the earthquake were looking for a home.

"It was one of those times in life where you just feel a smack on the side of the head, where this is what you need to do," Janelle Hockett said.

"We prayed about it, we ended up talking about it and doing some contemplation and we said how can we not get involved in these girls' lives?," said Wayne Hockett.

So the long and costly process began. The Hockett's are both employed but knew they didn't have the roughly $50,000 it would take to make the adoption happen.

"We just went out on a limb faith and just said, 'you know, we want to do this and we'll find a way to do it,'" Janelle Hockett said.

The Hocketts started their own blog. They relied on the generosity of family and friends, fund raisers, loans and their own savings account.

But it was still not enough. Raising the money also became a race against time. The oldest of the Haitian sisters is 15. In Haiti, 16 is the age where children are no longer adoptable.

"We just went out on a limb of faith and just said we want to do this and we will find a way to do it," Wayne Hockett said.

Just recently, the Hocketts learned a Chicago-area anonymous donor committed to giving them the remainder of the money to make the adoption happen. It is thousands of dollars.

"This is especially well beyond the call of anything that we could think and we're just grateful beyond words for their generosity and kindness," Janelle Hockett said.

Because the adoption is not final, the girls' faces cannot be shown, but the Hocketts say imagine 15-, 10- and 8-year-old sisters with incredible smiles, ones that hide the trauma of what they have lived through.

"Each of them is so distinct in their personalities, and you can see their intelligence and their life and their hopes in their eyes," Janelle Hockett said.



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