Downtown Chicago and other lakefront areas get lake effect snow

December 27, 2012 (EVANSTON, Ill.)

There is good news is for drivers, it's a wet snow, although travel times did climb by rush hour. Visibility was low for drivers because in some areas, slowing the commute.

There were no complaints about the snow from people in an Evanston park this afternoon. Residents were enjoying the snowflakes as they are walked their dogs and spent time with friends and family.

For some kids and adults the first significant snowfall in parts of our area means it's time for snowball fights and snow tubing.

The snow started late this morning in downtown Chicago, close to the lakefront. It was heavier in Evanston and farther north in the afternoon. On the lakefront, the snow may have looked heavy, but it didn't stick to most of the roads because of the temperatures.

Still, in the areas with heavier snow showers, visibility on the roads can be limited to less than a mile.

Drivers should still be careful on the roads because of the visibility issue. Roads can still be slick even though little accumulation is expected. Parking lots and sidewalks may still be slippery.

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