New fees for Chicago-area residents in 2013

January 1, 2013 4:23:14 PM PST
The new year brings new fees and, in some cases, higher rates, including what drivers will pay to park their cars on city streets.

Chicago Parking Meters, LLC, the company that holds a 75-year lease of the city's parking meters is raising the parking rates. It will now cost $6.50 per hour to park in the Loop, the most expensive big city parking in the country. Parking near downtown is going up to $4 and neighborhood parking increases to $2.

The company leasing the Chicago Skyway is also hiking its toll. It will now cost drivers $4 to use the Skyway.

Car owners will need to pay a little more in the new year to renew their license plates. The fee is going up by $2. State officials say the extra money will help maintain the state's parks.

On January 14, the CTA will increase the price for some of its passes, and starting next month, Metra will increase the price for its 10-ride tickets.

While some costs are rising, there's good news on at least one costly item. Cook County has rolled back the final quarter of percent sales tax implemented by former Board President Todd Stroger.