Wife 'shocked' by turn of events in lottery winner's death

Urooj Khan

January 9, 2013 9:05:46 PM PST
An attorney for a woman whose husband was poisoned after winning the lottery said she had nothing to do with his death.

Shabana Ansari says she has nothing to hide. Her husband, Urooj Khan, 46, died last July a day after collecting $425,000 from a lottery scratch off ticket.

Probate court documents reveal a legal battle over the dead man's estate between Kahn's brother and Kahn's widow, Shabana Ansari.

As Kahn's wife state law would entitle Shabana Ansari to share her husband's estate, including the lottery winnings, with Kahn's 17-year old daughter from another marriage.

Yet none of this family squabbling sheds light on Khan's poisoning.

These just released court documents show Kahn's brother, Imtiaz, fighting to make sure the teenage daughter doesn't get cut out.

Urooj Khan's death was initially ruled the result of natural causes. But then came the revelation later in the fall that Khan ingested a lethal amount of cyanide and his death was reclassified a homicide.

Attorney Steven Kozicki represents Ansari.

"Absolutely positively, she had nothing to do with her husband's death," Kozicki said.

Shortly after Khan died, a relative suggested investigators look more closely at his death, and further tests detected the cyanide. Kozicki says a search warrant was executed at the West Rogers Park home Khan and Ansari shared. She was interviewed by police for more than four hours.

"If it turns out to be somebody did that intentionally, she's shocked that anyone would do that, he was a good man a good husband, a good person in the business community," Kozicki said.

Khan was buried at Rosehill Cemetery, but there are now plans to exhume his body. Paperwork to start the process will be filed Friday.

"She doesn't wish to object to it, I don't have any advice to her as her criminal defense attorney to object to it and we don't have any desire to get in the way of a police investigation," Kozicki said.

Khan and Ansari were married 12 years. He has one child, a 17-year-old daughter, from a previous marriage.

Khan's estate, which includes the lottery money, is currently in the process of being divided up in probate court. A status hearing on that case will take place later this month.