Corey Brooks defends decision to help disgraced Detroit mayor

January 9, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Brooks said he gave $2000 to help Kilpatrick's family as the former mayor is back on trial for corruption charges.

Before the holidays New Beginnings Church received several emergency pleas for financial help, among them was a request from former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick resigned as mayor of Detroit in 2008. He served time in prison for violating probation in a criminal case.

He is currently on trial for corruption charges and is still on parole from the previous case.

"We gave with sincere good intentions, with the right motive and if he did not do what he was supposed to do then that's on Kwame," Brooks said.

Brooks, who has become known nationwide for his anti-violence efforts, said church elders supported the decision to give money to Kilpatrick after the church received a letter about the financial hardships of his family.

Video from a Michigan store allegedly shows Kilpatrick cashing the money order from New Beginnings.

The Michigan Department of Corrections said Kilpatrick did not report the gift and that may be a parole violation.

Their officers are investigating the omission, specifically that Kilpatrick allegedly kept $800 and send about $1100 to his family out of state.

"Someone who went to prison for not being honest we want to see that honesty during their parole term," the Executive Bureau Administrator at Michigan Department of Corrections Russ Marlan said.

Pastor Brooks got to know Kilpatrick after his release from jail and said the gift was to help someone he believes is trying to start over.

"If we caused anybody any injury or harm by giving the gift the people in Detroit, we are extremely sorry that was never our intent," Brooks said.

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