Alton Logan, wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 26 years, may receive large city settlement

January 14, 2013 (CHICAGO)

On Tuesday, Logan may finally get an apology from the City of Chicago.

It would come in the form of a cash settlement that totals more than $10 million.

For Logan, the money does not entirely compensate for the police department's role in taking 26 years of his life away.

"What I cannot understand is it's not a true admission of guilt. I asked for an apology- something I know I wasn't going to get," said Logan.

Logan was locked up for more than two decades, convicted of killing an off-duty Cook County corrections officer at a South Side McDonald's.

Almost immediately, evidence pointed to another man. But detectives under the command of Jon Burge swept it under the rug.

In 2008, Logan was finally freed. Logan says the settlement with the city means financial security for him and his family.

"I have been living off the generosity of my family- basically trying to stay alive," said Logan.

The City Council's Finance Committee will also consider paying the family of Christina Eilman $22.5 million.

Police officers are accused of abandoning the mentally ill young woman in the crime-infested Robert Taylor homes- where she was raped and fell from a 7th floor window.

Together, these two settlements alone are worth more than $32 million.

Records obtained by ABC7 show the city settles lawsuits for everything from excessive force by police to property damage.

In 2012, the city paid out more than $50 million as a result. Logan is the latest to collect.

Logan says he will not attend the meeting vote on the settlement. He says it would be too tough to face many of the same city officials who he believes looked the other way on police misconduct for far too long.

We asked Logan what's next for him.

"Try to enjoy life. So much was taken from me," he said.

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