Grayslake schools look to avoid strike

January 16, 2013 4:50:44 AM PST
Contract talks were under way to try to avoid a strike that could start Wednesday morning in suburban Grayslake.

The potential teacher strike could mean 4,000 students will not have class Wednesday.

District 46 includes seven schools in Grayslake, Third Lake, Hainesville, Round Lake, Round Lake Park, Round Lake Beach, and Lake Villa.

The two sides continued to meet late Tuesday night, with neither side saying whether they are close to calling off Wednesday morning's strike.

Basketball Tuesday night, a possible strike on Wednesday.

"I'm a little concerned actually because we've never been through anything like this so we're not sure what to expect.," said parent Shawn Maritz.

Grayslake District 46 administrators and the union did not speak publicly Tuesday night. Instead, they continue to meet behind closed doors.

At issue: Salary, increases for advanced education and retirement benefits.

"I understand the teachers want a little more, what they were promised," Maritz said. "I also understand the kids deserve and need to be in school."

Aaron Feldman is already making plans for his first grade son Ethan in the event teachers strike.

"We have to find alternate ways, pay extra for someone to take care of our kids, or some parents have to take off work to watch the kids at home," Feldman said.

Grayslake District 46 administrators promise an automated phone call will go out sometime Tuesday night announcing whether or not there are classes on Wednesday.

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