Chicago is home to many touring companies and now thanks to the new company, SideTour, people can get up close experiences with some of the city's best artists, chefs, hostesses and the list goes on and on. First up, we stop at a store in Pilsen that gives chocolate lovers a hands-on lesson on how to make truffles. The tour continues with a very intimate encounter at the home of Author Anupy Singla, well-known for cooking up Indian food in a slow-cooker. Lastly, our 190 North crew heads to Femme de Coup, a local beverage company that hosts cocktail making parties for groups interested in learning how to make that perfect liquid concoction.

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Chocolate Uzma Sharif
1823 South Halsted
Chicago, IL

Anupy Singla

Femme de Coup
Revae Schneider