Kristin Cavallari talks baby, kissing

January 28, 2013 3:36:51 PM PST
Kristin Cavallari, the fiancee of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, is spending Monday afternoon at Pioneer Court in downtown Chicago, convincing couples to kiss as part of a Gillette shaving promotion.

Men who have stubble got a shave and then kissed their significant other to find out whether kissing is better clean shaven or with stubble.

Cavallari says she hopes her baby boy won't play football. Cutler was sidelined with a concussion this season. And with President Barack Obama saying he's not sure if he would allow his child to play football, the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant told she'd like to steer her son toward a less dangerous sport.

"He's such a sweet little baby, he really is. And he just got his first tooth, which we're excited about, and we started feeding him last week, so it's been a lot of fun," she said.

Cavallari says she's not sure if she and Cutler will host a Super Bowl party at their home.

Former reality TV star Cavallari talked publicly for the first time in November about about their baby boy Camden Jack.

"The baby's great," she said at a fashion show held at Soldier Field. "He's smiling now and laughing and making all kinds of noises. So every day's a lot of fun, it's always something new."