Suburban mom fights to make furniture safer for kids

February 1, 2013 8:12:44 PM PST
The recall of a piece of furniture linked to the death of a suburban toddler does not go far enough for the victim's mother.

She's working to make all furniture safer for children.

When North Barrington resident Lisa Siefert's son Shane died in 2011 she said it was a nightmare.

She discovered two-year-old Shane Siefert underneath furniture.

His death sparked a movement and Siefert has message for all parents.

A Natart Chelsea Changing Table made by Gemme Juvenile fell over on Shane Siefert.

Paramedics tried to save him but couldn't.

Since it happened in March 2011 his mother has been working towards making mandatory measures to ensure furniture safety.

Every day forty children go to the emergency room because of furniture tip-overs and one child is killed every two weeks in a tip-over incident, according to safety experts.

Experts say inexpensive straps and hooks are the easiest way to anchor furniture to walls.

Lisa Siefert has a memorial of her son including his favorite toys around their home to never forget the dangers lurking around your home.

Bexco is also recalling its Million Dollar Baby Dressers. They are being blamed for the deaths of two children in California and Oklahoma.