Little Goat Diner offers wide range of flavors

February 2, 2013 8:24:15 PM PST
They come all day long - especially on the weekends - for a taste of something familiar, yet with a couple of curveballs. The Little Goat Diner - next door to Little Goat Bread, which serves coffee, pastries and sandwiches most of the day - is the more ambitious endeavor from Team Izard, hoping to breathe new life into the old Red Light space.

"And I grew up on the East Coast going to diners; whether I was out drinking a bit and going to the diner afterwards or in the morning of with your family, it's something that's just always open," said chef Stephanie Izard.

There are 75 items on the menu, beginning with ample amounts of breakfast, like corned beef hash crowned with sunnyside up eggs.

"It's kind of a cross between corned beef and pastrami. It's rubbed, brined then smoked," she said.

A parathas burrito is great for vegetarians: Indian flatbread is smothered with eggs, an avocado-bean salad and chili sauce.

Lunchtime brings a dozen creative sandwiches, like a goat sloppy joe crowned with a rosemary-infused slaw, or a fried pickle sandwich with hummus and tzatziki sauce.

"We tried not to make anything too foofy in any way, you know it's not like a place where we said it's a diner and it's not a diner," said Izard.

The Macho Nachos could feed a small army: barbecued pork, beans and pickled peppers add a few twists to the expected cheddar and sour cream. Even desserts throw a few tasty curves.

"On the shakes we just have a vanilla and a chocolate and I wanted to do something fun - we have a smoked pork fat almost with a homemade Heath Bar inside, because why not?" she said.

And why not have a fried chicken resting on a cushy bed of mashed potatoes all day long?

"It's not unique in the sense that you wouldn't think this is fried chicken when it hits the table, but it just has a lot more flavor going on, which is always our goal with everything, is even if it's gonna be simple, we want to go that extra step to make sure it has all the layers of flavor that everyone's looking for," said Izard.

Now unlike Girl and the Goat, across the street, only open for dinner, here at Little Goat, you can eat pretty much all day long. The Bakery opens at six in the morning, and here the Diner is open until 2 in the morning, although the kitchen is only open until one a.m., just in case you want to have a crazy milkshake or a big old plate of nachos.

Little Goat Diner
820 W. Randolph St.