Traffic aide positions to be filled by city of Chicago

February 5, 2013 6:43:09 AM PST
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was scheduled to announce Tuesday that 100 new traffic control aides will be hired to help direct traffic related to the Red Line south reconstruction project.

According to city officials, the positions are in addition to the 400 bus drivers were already announced for the project.

"Since the beginning of my administration I have focused on job creation and investment throughout the city, including the improvement of our transportation services," Mayor Emanuel was quoted in a news release.

The traffic control aide positions are not temporary, according to the release; hires will be eligible for work following the completion of the project. The workers will start out as part-time employees, earning a starting wage of $18.43 per hour.

The job posting went online on Monday and will be up for a couple of weeks.

The jobs start in May.