Online subscriptions save time, money

February 8, 2013 3:46:06 PM PST
Forget running to the store. The next time you're out of everything from razor blades to under garments, you may find great savings online through a growing number of subscription-based businesses.

You are familiar with subscriptions for magazines or publications.

There is a new wave of subscription services that appeal to multi-taskers.

It's a smooth shave and more importantly it's savvy shave.

Investment advisor Christopher Kliner signed up for Dollar Shave Club Online. Chose the blades he prefers, that would be 4x, he got a free handle and gets billed monthly for a fresh shipment of blades.

"It's been a significant cost savings," said Kliner. "I think it's better quality than what you would get at the drug store for a fraction of the cost."

Pamela Marsh says she is saving each month with a subscription to Send Her Way.

"It's almost like I get a little gift every month," she said.

The account executive and NBA dancer subscribes online for a monthly shipment of feminine hygiene products. She customizes her order for only the type and quantity she needs.

That's why Marsh says she is saving money.

"I had to buy multiple packages to work with what I need and going through send her way I've been able to customize my package to exactly what I need so I only have to buy one box," she said.

What would you like to save on subscription?

Search for your subject online.

How about socks, men's undershirts, lingerie, toiletries?

The industry is growing to include more options as businesses can offer better deals directly to customers online without the overhead of a store or sales staff.

If you don't see what you need, maybe there's a business opportunity for you.

Two local moms got tired of trying to constantly create educational activities and buying age appropriate supplies for their preschoolers.

"When you need googly eyes you really need two for a project but the come in packets of a hundred or a thousand and what are you going to do with all that?" said Christine Gutierrez Babbaco.

The moms created a solution to their challenge and the challenge of so many working parents.

Babbaco offers multiple activities with an educational theme to monthly subscribers.

"Every time the 'Babbabox' shows up they love it," said Terri Lydon.

Marketing consultant and mother of two preschoolers Lydon is just as excited to see the Babbabox arrive as her kids.

"It's a way to make sure the money you're spending goes into something your kids are actually want to do," she said.

Once you're hooked on subscription savings, subscribers start branching out.

At the end of the day, there's something for Marsh's dog Dexter.

She found a break on his medication by doing a subscription.

"I'm always looking for a deal," said Marsh.

The subscriptions businesses featured allow customers to end their subscription at any time.

Before entering into any contract, know your options and see if there are complaints with that business.

An advantage to online subscription customers, the payments are usually made with credit cards which allow you to dispute a charge if there is a problem.

But over the long run, subscribers save they these subscriptions are problem-solvers, saving time and money and reducing stress taking one more thing off their plates.