Kate Middleton baby bump photos in Chi Magazine

February 14, 2013 9:39:13 AM PST
More paparazzi photos of Princess Kate are out after a magazine published pictures of a pregnant Kate Middleton in a bikini, and the royals are horrified once again.

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Hitting the newsstands Wednesday, Italian gossip magazine Chi - with new pictures of a bikini-clad royal duchess and mama to be, a tiny baby bump on show with William on the island of Mustique.

"Everybody is entitled to privacy, but it's just different when you're a royal. They all crave normality, but they're not just like everybody else," said Victoria Arbiter, ABC News, royal contributor.

The pictures are from a Caribbean getaway, an island famed for its privacy and security. But when it comes to the royal couple, it seems there is no such thing as privacy for these soon-to-be parents

The palace is up in arms saying it's a clear breach of the couples right to privacy. Last summer when a French magazine published photos of a topless Kate sunbathing in a private home in France, the royal couple sued the publication, warning British tabloids that more lawsuits could follow. And so the British media have decided not to publish the pictures, but are they making their voices heard.

"Kate's Horror at baby bump snap," screamed one newspaper headline. "Fresh anguish for pregnant Kate," blared another.

Australian magazine says it will follow suit and show the pictures of what the editor says are celebrating Kate looking so healthy and glowing.

"This was not a difficult decision to publish these photos. I mean, Kate's on a public beach; there are other holiday makers there, and she looks fabulous," said Fiona Connolly, editor, Woman's Day.

Last September, the magazine - owned by former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi - published a 26-page special featuring topless photos of the duchess while she and William vacationed in the south of France.

The royal couple took legal action to halt the use of those intimate photos, but had only limited success. Although a French court ordered gossip magazine Closer to stop further publication of the pictures, they went on to be published in Chi, other publications across Europe, and on the Internet.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.