Off-duty police officer killed after SUV flips on Skyway

February 16, 2013 8:12:37 PM PST
A well-respected Chicago police officer died in a car crash on the Chicago Skyway just as she was about to celebrate a promotion.

The accident happened shortly after 10:30 p.m. Friday night. Police say off duty police officer Shaunda Bond was driving on the Skyway near 81st Street when the SUV she was in hit a concrete barrier and rolled over.

"Quite a tragedy," said neighbor Art Sims. "I am devastated. I just cannot believe it. Shaunda is just a great young lady. Socially involved in the community, very quiet, to herself. Everybody in the building loved her. I just, i just cannot believe this. This is quite a tragedy."

Neighbors say the 31-year old cop, who lived in the Bronzeville neighborhood, was full of life and dedicated to helping others.

"I used to think she looked so young, like, oh my goodness, I cannot believe you're a police officer, and yes, she was," said Sims.

A police officer at Chicago's 4th District since 2009, Bond was reportedly on her way to celebrate her recent promotion when the accident happened.

She was to be assigned a spot on one of the district's tactical units.

Officer Bond also had a passion for travel. She was to leave on a two-week vacation to Thailand on Sunday.