Cicero candidates accuse each other of voter fraud

February 18, 2013 (CICERO, Ill.)

Juan Ochoa is running against Dominick in next week's election. Both candidates are accusing each other of voter fraud.

"Larry Dominick has used public resources to intimidate the Latino vote," Juan Ochoa said.

Aurora Ivarra says she was intimidated when a town employee wearing a badge came to her door on Sunday and tried to convince her that voting absentee or by mail is illegal.

"He approached and told me that the ballots that they were sending out were not valid and were frauds," Ivarra, Cicero resident, said.

Ivarra said she told the person she had already mailed in her ballot.

While Dominick's face and name are all over town in political ads, the incumbent was nowhere to be found on Monday. His spokesperson and a lawyer responded to Ochoa's allegations.

"This idea we were going out bullying people is ridiculous," Ray Hanania, Cicero spokesperson, said.

The town of Cicero claims it was sending people door-to-door to investigate alleged absentee voter fraud. The town was concerned about a record number of requests for mail in ballots.

"There were people asking for absentee ballots from places they couldn't possibly live in," Hanania said.

Cicero claims Cook County Clerk David Orr told the town to go ahead and investigate the fraud on their own, even if it meant going door to door. Orr says that claim is simply not true.

"Even if you argue the intent is good, in what they are trying to do, it is being misused," Cook County Clerk David Orr said.

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