CHA facility is unsafe, unsanitary, senior residents say

February 19, 2013 2:57:52 PM PST
Senior residents of a Chicago Housing Authority complex on the city's South Side say they are angry with the conditions at their facility.

On Tuesday, many of them braved the frigid temperatures to call attention to the alleged conditions at the Judge Slater Senior Housing Complex facility, located near 42nd Street and Cottage Grove.

They hope the CHA will hold the building's owner accountable for what they say are unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.

"Fight fight fight, senior housing is a human right," the group chanted.

"You see roaches running up and down the hall. You see mice running up and down the hall. They are also in our apartments," said Alphonso Jones, CHA resident.

Protestors were equipped with a home video shot inside the complex.

The building is operated for the CHA by the Woodlawn Organization. Residents say property managers have been unhelpful, at times resorting to intimidation.

"If you go with a complaint, you're subject to being given a ten day notice. Taken to court and put out of your apartment," said Frances Banks, CHA resident.

Meanwhile, a property manager told ABC7 that the allegations are false and have been brought forth by a small group of disgruntled residents.

"I have one pending eviction next week. Two due in court next week. They want to come in and do what they want to do. We have house rules," said Annette King, property manager.

King does not dispute the pest problem, and says exterminators are regularly brought in.

"From 2010, I have cleared 300 bed bug cases. I have five active cases today. As for the mice, they come twice a week and change the traps," King said.

"You could go into any one of those units, our units. It's nothing like they say it is," said Janice Hails, CHA resident.

A spokesperson for CHA says the housing complex is currently undergoing a $13.5 million renovation. The spokesperson said CHA is aware of the residents' complaints and listen to all of them.