Student filmmakers replace models as Oscar trophy carriers

A.J. Young is one of the six winners.

February 22, 2013 2:40:27 PM PST
The Oscars are Sunday, and two students from Chicago are in Hollywood to be part of the ceremony.

The Oscar Experience College Search asked film students to submit videos that said what they'll do "to contribute to the future of movies."

A.J. Young, a student from Chicago's Columbia College, is one of the six winners. He'll be on stage handing a statuette to a celebrity presenter on its way to the winner.

Young is joined by Abe Diaz, who goes to DePaul University in Chicago.

The students attended their first rehearsal Wednesday.

Young will be getting hold of the Oscars for categories including Costumes, Foreign Language Film and Best Actress, even before the winners.

Diaz is a chemistry major who always considered film a hobby.

"This is the fork in the road right now," said the 18-year-old son of two doctors. "It'll definitely help in making me more aware if this is something I can do."

All six winning students are getting a makeover and formal tuxedo or gown for the event.

"For a film student to be at the Oscars is huge," said Jennifer Brofer, 30, a Marine Corps veteran who is now a film student at the University of Texas at Austin. "This is where we aspire to be one day."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.