Abandoned baby found in Walmart bag now a 'survivor'

February 27, 2013 8:43:04 AM PST
Meet baby Chloe -- the beginning of her life was unthinkable -- abandoned, discovered in a grocery bag on a dead end street. But just days later she's doing great and headed to a foster home.

Investigators are calling that baby a survivor and they're asking for the public's help identifying the newborn's parents or relatives.

Doctors are calling newbown 'Chloe.' She's seven days old and the little survivor's now getting a second chance at life after being abandoned in a Walmart grocery bag last Tuesday at an apartment complex on Grant Road in Cypress.

Child Protective Services spokesperson Estella Olguin said, "A woman was walking her dog around 7:15 that evening, and her dog started barking at a bag. She took the dog back in to the apartment and went to look in the bag and discovered a newborn."

Chloe was 4 pounds, 12 ounces when she was discovered. The baby's been getting treatment at Texas Children's Hospital for the past week.

"To this date, we don't have any leads," Olguin said. "We don't know who the parents might be. No one has come forward to identify the baby. So, we just want to see if anyone might recognize the baby, anyone who knows some information as to who the mother might be."

Investigators say Chloe appears to be a late pre-term baby, maybe 36 to 37 weeks gestation. Also, the newborn already has one bottom tooth -- possibly a unique genetic trait.

As this investigation continues, Child Protective Services is placing baby Chloe with licensed foster parents.

"If nobody comes forward, no relatives nor parents, then we will be terminating the rights on the unknown parents and the baby will be placed for adoption," Olguin explained.

It's possible the child's mother could face criminal charges. A court hearing on this case is scheduled for next week. CPS is asking anyone with information on the baby's mother or relatives to call the case worker at 281-847-4192.