Ode to a Snow Blower, by Frank Mathie

March 6, 2013 3:37:15 PM PST
When it comes to winter in Chicago, one thing can really blow away the work- a snow blower.

Frank Mathie's had his dependable sidekick for more than 30 years. And every winter, he pulls his old friend out, dusts him off, and clears the sidewalk.

An Ode to my Snow Blower

Oooh, snow blower.
I love you more
than my summertime mower.
I love your speeds, faster and slower.

Spring through fall, you sleep in my garage
Now you're blasting out a fluffy white barrage.
Your two-horse engine's like a big green tractor
And a foot of snow's never a factor.

Since 1980, you've cleaned the great white way
for 33 years on blustery, blizzard-y days.
Your twisting auger spits the drifts aside,
and I'm hanging on along for the ride.

We finish our sidewalk but still aren't done.
Let's clear the whole block just for fun.
The neighbors won't guess who did this deed,
but someday we'll trade this deed for a need.

Your exhausted wheels never stop churning.
You do it for love and that's what you're earning.
For all these years you've been my faithful friend,
clearing the pathway from end to snowy end.

We're teammates forever.
We're both so much the same
But how can i thank you?
I don't even know your name.