Jonylah Watkins shooting frustrates Woodlawn neighborhood

March 14, 2013 (CHICAGO)

PHOTOS: Images from the scene after 6-month-old shot

They say they don't like the changes that are taking place where they live.

"I lived in that building, the one with the stairs," said Jacqueline Eilend. "I lived in there for years. It was nice, grass was everywhere."

Eilend wonders what happened to the Woodlawn neighborhood she once knew as a loving, peaceful place.

"You can't bring the children out," she said. "Parents can't come out and play with the kids. Kids can't run or jump rope because it's so much violence."

She reminisces just feet from the spot where 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins was murdered.

The baby was killed by the same gunman who wounded her father in a Monday afternoon attack.

The detectives investigating say they've gotten few helpful leads.

"To know a little baby hasn't even started to live, didn't even get the chance and its sad," Eilend said.

It's the same frustration about the violence that brought Ephraim Thomas to 65th and Maryland Thursday.

He grew up on these streets.

"So it was nice around here, real nice," Thomas said. "So when did it change? What happened? As years went by people started moving out of the neighborhood, young people started taking over the neighborhood."

Good neighborhoods that continue to struggle with the violence, but some here believe it will change.

"It will come back though," Eilend said. "I'm a praying woman. God heals." Eilend said.

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