Custom transportation at Special Needs Chicago

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March 21, 2013 10:53:02 AM PDT
Getting from point A to point B can be especially challenging for people with disabilities. That specialized need has also created a successful business in customized transportation.

Michelle Dacy started Special Needs Chicago, a non-emergency transportation business, about a year ago.

"Most people are going to medical appointments. However I have a wedding for somebody coming up. Yesterday I took somebody to a funeral. People go to parties so they're definitely for personal or medical appointments," Michelle Dacy, Special Needs of Chicago, owner, said.

Special Needs Chicago has 50 accessible vans to serve the city and suburbs. There's a fee structure for services. Find it online at

"When we have doctor's appointments or follow ups, going to bring it to the offices that are all over the mostly western suburbs, they pick you up, bring you there, and then when you're through with the appointments, you can either call or if you know about what time you'll be done, they'll come back automatically," Lawrence Gasunas, customer, said.

"She calls us to confirm the appointments, make sure that we know what time they're going to pick up the patients," Nancy Almanaza, nurse, said of Special Needs Chicago.

"We go 24/7 and we give real personalized service, so I'm taking care of not just the passenger and their family, I'm also taking care of the health care workers," Dacy said. "I'm a customer service person. It's not about sales volume."