The Sodfather

April 7, 2013 6:59:08 AM PDT
On Sunday, April 7, 2013, a food contest is raising funds for not one, but two good causes: The 100 Club of Chicago and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. The 6th Annual Soppressata Contest is the brain child of Chicago Police Officer Frank "The Sodfather" Balestri, who came into our ABC7 studio to tell us about the inspiration for this event and the organizations it supports this year.



Frank Balestri`s 6th Annual Soppressatta Contest
Sunday, April 7
12pm: Doors Open
2pm: Contest

Parkplace of Countryside Banquets
6240 Joliet Rd
(708) 588-1756
$30 at the door

Frank's Recipe: The Sodfather's Soppressata
Yields about 50 sticks

50lbs pork
20 oz salt
5 oz black pepper
5 oz fennel seed
5 oz paprika
2 oz cayenne pepper
1 bundle of beef middle casing
butcher string

Grind pork, and spice it.
Fill it into the casings.
Sticks should be poked with a sausage poker to release air pockets.
Tie on each end.
Hang them up in a cool room, basement or garage at 40 degrees for 1 week.
Take down sausages and place them into a press (usually homemade) to release all air pockets and to form them and give them their unique shape.
This also prevents them from spoilage.
The press should be tightened or additional weight be placed each day for 1 week.
Remove the sticks and put them back up to dry for 8 more weeks or until the desired texture is reached.
Once drying is complete, you can either place them in a bucket covered in vegetable oil, or vacuum-sealed.
Both methods lets them stay fresh for several years.