Man allegedly dies in chokehold by neighbor he stabbed over motorcycle

April 10, 2013 11:05:50 AM PDT
A fight between two men turned violent in a Pasadena, Texas, driveway Wednesday morning, leaving one man dead and the other hospitalized with multiple stab wounds.

It happened just after 7 a.m. in the 2000-block of Leroy near Garner. Investigators spent hours combing over the crime scene.

"Apparently, it had been an ongoing feud between these two neighbors," Pasadena Police Department spokesperson Vance Mitchell said.

One neighbor was reportedly angry at the other for habitually driving a motorcycle on his lawn. Police say the rider returned from working a night shift and was confronted by his angry neighbor. During an argument, police say the rider pulled out a knife and stabbed the neighbor, who, although injured, had enough strength to get the man into a deadly chokehold.

"The man on the motorcycle had stabbed the victim that complained," Mitchell explained. "At that point, they got into a scuffle, and the person who had been stabbed got into a wrestling match with the man and eventually choked him to death."

Neighbors have a hard time understanding how a fight over grass could end this way.

"It's crazy," said neighbor Carolina Vasquez. "People shouldn't take it that extreme, that way."

"I just don't understand why society is so violent," said neighbor Darrel White.

"It's very unfortunate that they disputed like that," said neighbor Veronica Aguilar. "We liked them both very much."

Crime scene investigators spent hours photographing the victim, along with the tire tracks that led up to the fight just a few feet from his dead body.

The man who was stabbed was taken by Life Flight to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

No charges have been filed. The case is expected to be referred to a grand jury, which will determine if charges will be brought against the survivor of the fight.