Chicago man fatally stabbed in Florida, girlfriend reportedly confesses

April 14, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Wayne Drummer had recently picked up his life and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida to be with his girlfriend. He had just gotten a job there, at a car dealership, according to his family.

"Wayne was compassionate and humble person. He was everywhere family was," the victim's aunt Madeline Boyd said.

He was living with his girlfriend of one year, 22-year-old Rashida Williams, also from Chicago.

But Florida police say Williams, an airman at MacDill Air Force Base, stabbed Drummer to death Saturday morning.

"Nobody spoke negative of him, not a violent type. He doesn't like to argue. Why him?" Drummer's brother Isaiah Carter said.

Williams called 911 Saturday morning saying she stabbed Drummer after a fight over money, according to Florida police.

Neighbors say they looked outside to see a crying Williams.

"It was really shocking this morning because people were screaming so everybody kind of went down to this floor and looked what was going on, lots of police and was pretty shocking," neighbor Pawel Probulski said.

In the meantime, Drummer's family in Calumet Park, including his twin sister, is grieving.

He had an 8-year-old son and had a football scholarship at the University of South Dakota where he played for two years.

They don't believe that Williams snapped after a financial argument.

"She had intent and she had a motive, if you can stop and get a weapon you can stop and keep on going there's no reason," Boyd said.

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