Spring soups: Carrot ginger, strawberry soup recipes

April 16, 2013 (CHICAGO)

Marcel's Culinary Experience is teaching at home chefs some easy to prepare spring soups at their "Spring Soups Class". Chef/Instructor Jean True shares her recipe and tips for making "Carrot Ginger Soup" and "Strawberry Soup"

Springs Soups Class at Marcel's Culinary Experience, Glen Ellyn
Wednesday, April 17
$35 Per Person

Marcel's Culinary Experience
490 N. Main St.
Glen Ellyn


  • Seek out the freshest, most flavorful produce at your farmers market or other source.
  • When pureeing hot soups in a blender, avoid splatters by replacing the lid with a folded kitchen towel held gently in place.
  • Choose a soup thickener based on your dietary goals and what's in your refrigerator. Options include Greek Yogurt, skim or soy milk, buttermilk, half and half, heavy cream, even leftover cooked rice.
  • Puree and freeze fruits at their peak to use all year in soups and other dishes.
  • Add vodka or gin to a strawberry or other fruit based soup to create a refreshing summer cocktail.

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