Billy Joel daughter targeted by female stalker, paper reports

April 16, 2013 (NEW YORK)

Billy Joel reportedly went to ex-Beatle Paul McCartney when Joel's daughter started getting dozens of creepy messages on Facebook.

Alexa Ray Joel is apparently the focus of some seriously unwanted attention online. The 27-year-old daughter of singer Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley was reportedly stalked by 40-year-old Sheryl Finley for months.

Finley is accused of using a fake Facebook account with the name "Rick Steenfield" to send threatening messages about "rape, assault, and murder" to an unnamed victim. Tuesday morning, published reports say Finley was targeting Alexa Ray Joel.

"High-profile celebrity people all get stalked basically in some form or fashion," said ABC News consultant Brad Garrett. "Typically through e-mail, sometimes through telephone, and some of them will rise to the level of this particular one."

The New York Post reports the messages had frightened Joel so much, she refused to leave her New York apartment. Her father reportedly hired body guards and a British cyber security firm recommended to him by Sir Paul McCartney.

When Minnesota police finally arrested Finley in January, they say they found her naked in the woods, saying the threats she allegedly made were not things she wanted to do "during this life."

Finley reportedly has a history of mental health issues.

"Many of the celebrity stalkers are driven by delusion," Garrett said. "Delusion that they either have a relationship with the famous person or they desire one."

Finley now faces up to five years in prison.

In the meantime, Joel is promoting her music and artwork on Facebook.

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