Cops take 2-pound joint from 420 party

April 23, 2013 7:41:23 AM PDT
A college student allegedly created a giant marijuana joint at a 420 festival over the weekend on the University of California at Santa Cruz campus.

But it didn't go over well with authorities. The 25-year-old man suspected of creating it was arrested for possessing more than an ounce of marijuana.

Students started recording on their cell phones as police hauled the massive joint away. One video had nearly 100,000 hits on YouTube as of Tuesday morning. The poster claimed the joint weighed two-and-a-half pounds.

A crowd of a couple thousand had gathered to celebrate weed. But the celebrating was cut short for the guy wearing a "Keep Santa Cruz Stoned" t-shirt.

Police say he was about to open up a booth offering tokes off the monster joint, when they confiscated it. Police say they walked 25-year-old Gennady Tsarinsky away from the crowd before arresting him to avoid causing a scene.